Arts Funding and Investment Opportunities

We have numerous projects in need of funding, and the list is ever-growing. Through our network of industry contacts, we can partner you with the right project that meets your business and artistic objectives.

Whether it’s short films, feature-length movie, visual arts, or music, by registering now you can be assured of:

  • Confidentiality - so your competitors won’t know your plans, and you won’t be hassled by countless applicants that aren’t offering what you’re looking for.
  • Quality - we match your requirements as best we can to project prospects. We can’t guarantee you’ll like every suggestion, but we’re sure you’ll save time by not having to filter through hundreds of applications.
  • Flexibility - with many industry contacts, we can tailor a strategy that meets your needs, and generally, help keep your options open, even as the project progresses.
  • Value for money - any remuneration we receive is incorporated into the funding package. After all, someone has to do the leg work. You won’t receive bills “in addition” to your investment commitment.
  • Creativity - because we have an unconstrained attitude to putting investment strategies in place. People will often say “Think outside the box” - we say “What box?”.

Here’s what to do next…

Invaluable Investment Opportunites

Your investment can result in valuable brand exposure, including visible presence in:

  • branding at film premieres and art exhibition openings
  • promotional printed materials
  • promotional media activities
  • film credits
  • brochure and programme credits
  • internet-based promotion including on dedicated websites and third-party promotional websites
  • complimentary invitations to film premieres and art exhibition openings for your staff members and business associates
  • “Presents…” advertising opportunities at film screenings
  • Product placement

These are just some of the opportunities we’ve identified so far. If you have other suggestions, we’d like to hear them!