Potential Investors like the opportunity to link their name with Arts-related projects. One of the most demonstrative ways of doing so is by arranging a private or public premiere or opening. Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Invite “luminaries” of your industry who like to get behind start-up projects. The more famous they are, the better. They may even offer to “Open” for you.
  • Arrange a deal with a winemaker or brewery to provide drinks, in return for prominent branding at the event and on event printed materials. They may even offer “travellers” for attendees to take home with them.
  • Offer a lucky door prize - entry in the draw is by leaving a business card or contact address. The prize could be as simple as a mixed dozen of wine, or a 10 pass cinema voucher.
  • Find a good cheesemaker who wants to promote into your area - think Tasmania or King Island!
  • Find a credible, suitable launch location - be quirky, be creative…just don’t appear “cheap”!
  • Invite 3 times as many people as you think might attend (but make sure you still cater for everyone).
  • Collaborate with other Artists to add even more value to attending.
  • If you’re selling works, don’t under-price. If you’ve organised the event well, it won’t cost you to run, and one GOOD sale is often much better than many small ones.
  • Hold your event where your target market is. Don’t focus on the arts community to attend. You don’t need to preach to the converted…you need to find people with the money to put where their mouth is. You could walk away from the launch with additional financial backers.