Funding Applications

What types of Projects are eligible?

We’re not about to tell you our definition of “art”, or apply a bunch of arbitrary rules to what type so projects might be of interest to a potential investor. We do maintain a minor degree of editorial control (you can’t be proposing something that’s illegal, for example), but otherwise, the spectrum is broad. We’re happy to accept submissions for:

  • photographic exhibitions
  • short or feature film production
  • art installations or exhibitions
  • music festivals and events
  • theatre productions
  • poetry readings
  • Baroque music concerts

… and all places in between. If it relates to the Arts, you can seek funding here!

What information is published about a Project?

We only publish information marked “TBP” on the Project Registration form.

We respect your Intellectual Property and want to protect your ideas before they have come to fruition. Of course, the less you are prepared to publish, the harder it can be to find Investors.

Use your discretion. Speak in general terms that might pique the interest of an Investor, without giving the game away.

Who can apply for funding?

Put simply…ANYONE!

If you have an Arts Project you’d like to get up and running, then submit it to Host Broadcaster.

Even if the Project is in the early stages, if you can put forward your vision, you may be able to find investors who want to come on board.

How do I create a credible proposal?

We’re continually adding new Tips and Tools that can help you create your “arts business” Plan. If you need extra help, just ask us and we may be able to assist.

We also provide “idea starters” that can give you some imaginative ways to attract investment.

How much does a listing cost?

If you’re an Artist, be it filmmaker, photographer, painter, or musician, then the Host Broadcaster service is free!

How do I apply for funding or financial assistance?

We don’t make you jump through hoops in order to put your hand up for funding.

If a potential investor likes what they see…then any funding they provide is completely at their discretion. We’ll provide you with tools to present your Project in the best light. After that…it’s over to them.

How much funding assistance can I apply for?

You can apply for funding or investment for any amount. The onus is on you to provide enough incentive and potential return for an investor to be interested.

Offer them enough…they’ll give you enough. Don’t skimp on your budget. Be realistic and invite investment to the full amount.

Remember, and investor wants to see a return. It amy not be directly financial, but it might help their business image, or perhaps give them new contacts into a new market.