Funding for the Arts

Looking for funding or support for your film, music, or artistic project?

Host Broadcaster can help you find finance, assist with grants,  and soource funding opportunities. Whether you work in the visual arts, feature and short film/movie making, photography, or music, we can help find those elusive dollars to get your venture off the ground.

Through our network of industry contacts and corporate partners we can assist with:

  • finding sponsors and financial backing
  • sourcing “in kind” support such as transport and accommodation
  • providing sound business advice
  • mentoring by industry professionals

Tell us what you need and there’s a good chance we’ll be able to put you in touch with potential investors.

The Service is FREE!

We believe that as you provide the creative contribution, the money should come from elsewhere. You can register for free, upload your biography, or submit your Project for funding opportunities.

Make your arts project attractive to corporate investors

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