Release Date: TBA | Australia | Short Film |


A battle with an enemy you can't see. The struggle with a dark mist that consumes those you most love.

How can you face the crushing weight of an ill mind when you don't believe the illness exists? And how do you fight a disease that shouldn't kill but does?

Misgiving is a powerful portrait of loss and grief, as one man challenges his own beliefs while trying to find the light through the shadows.

Genre: Drama

Investment Required: $5000 to $10000

Promotional Opportunities

  • Alignment of your image with the prestigious Cannes Film Festival 2008, an internationally recognised cultural film event
  • Involvement in the making of a quality film production
  • Association with supporting the Australian film industry and established and emerging filmmakers
  • Exposure of your brand to national, and potentially international, markets
  • Online Presence - Yes
  • Premiere Guest List - Yes
  • Promotional Flyers - No
  • Premiere Programmes - Yes
  • Promotional Posters - No
  • Media Releases - Subject to Negotiation

Funding Requirements

Financial funding
International air travel to attend film festivals, specifically, Cannes Film Festival

Premiere Details

Date: TBA

Location: To be announced.

VIP Guests: To be announced.

Details: To be announced.